Pulaski County Park is located on 804 acres in western Pulaski County Kentucky and borders Lake Cumberland.

The background picture shows part of Pulaski County Park and Part of Fishing Creek section of Lake Cumberland. Camping, fishing, boating, swimming, caving, hiking, horseback riding, birding and so much more. Kentucky’s state recreation parks cater to outdoor enthusiasts who want to take in all that Kentucky’s natural environment has to offer. Recreation parks also offer a number of Kentucky state park cabins and cottages, delicately tucked away in the wooded surroundings. 

THE LAKE: The park is located on the Fishing Creek leg of Lake Cumberland. There is easy access from Fishing Creek to the main body of Lake Cumberland. Don’t let the name fool you, Fishing Creek of Lake Cumberland is by no means in the stature of a typical creek.

Lake Cumberland is one of the largest man made lakes in the country. Many parts of the lake is over 1 mile in width and it is 101 miles long from end to end. And because there is over 1255 miles of shoreline and over 63,000 surface acres of water there is plenty of room boating, fishing, water sports and site seeing. Imagine boating all day the same direction on the lake and never reaching the other end.

THE PARK: Pulaski County Park is like the Gem of Lake Cumberland often over looked and passed by but once found it becomes a special priceless gem that you hold close to your heart forever. The park is primarily wooded, rugged, rugged, beautiful terrain filled with wildlife. Squirrel, deer, raccoon, wild turkey, chipmunk, and rabbit just to name a few that call Pulaski County Park their home.